Wapello County Trails Council

Not-For-Profit  501(c)(3) Corporation

The Wapello County Trails Council and the City of Ottumwa have been awarded a grant of $150,000 from Resource Enhancement and Protection, commonly referred to as REAP. These funds, awarded through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, will be used for ongoing trail development in Ottumwa.

REAP invests in projects that enhance and protect Iowa's natural and cultural resources. 15% of REAP is set aside for grants to cities for projects that help establish natural areas, encourage outdoor recreation, and resource management. REAP funds do not require a local match.

The grant will be used for three trail projects, including a 700 foot section of trail in Ottumwa Park near the Jimmy Jones shelter; a 1,200 foot trail section south of Mary St. that goes underneath Highway 63 south, and a 7, 345 foot trail along the west end levee, ending near the Midwest Little League fields. These projects represent over 1.4 miles of new trail and the completion of two sections of existing trail to hard surface.